Sales Agency and Distribution

JJ Rogers, filmmaker and International sales agency, distribution.

Helping businesses and film makers develop and produce their digital media products.
From concept to completion.


Alien Rising

Alien Rising

Take a Chance

Animation, Director, Producer, V-FX
Take a Chance

The Linda Vista Project

Director, Producer, Writer
The Linda Vista Project
We are the independent studio helping independent filmmakers.

To provide the best work and service humanly possible to each and every client.

Feature Film

Feature film production with budgets between 10 mil to 50 k.

TV Commercials

Specializing in short term commercial teams and ad agency work.

Web Serries/Original Content

Pilot / Pitch / Production

Music Video

Creative concepts with outstanding production value.

Kind Words from our Clients

ITN Distribution begins releasing XVIII Entertainment films Dark Image, Come outFighting, and The Guest House in the US.

Stuart AlsonITN Ditribution

Slammed gets MPA Rating for the US theatrical release. Film is schedualed to release in late May or early June.

Jim CardwellET Picture

Tema Distribution Spain begins releasing Cold Water and Slammed in Spain and Portugal they also Aquire Piranha Sharks and Voodoo Possession.

Slivia MontoyaTema Distribution Spain