From my experience at the film markets, the markets are gaining more buyers that are spending¬†from the previous two years. The recent slump from several bankruptcies in the Us has lead to a more worldly market. How ever block bluster still dominate the box office numbers and buys as opposed to the smaller unique indie films that have begun to find homes where buyers who might not have bought indie films before are now looking for new acquisitions. This hopefully will help the indie world replace the millions that smaller companies lost collectively because of the huge loss ¬†from larger companies CEO’s pocketing all revenues with out paying out before their bankruptcies.

For the time there seems to be a new hope for indie films in the international markets. Here in the US super power giant placed restrictions on releases in the us. Walmart has elected to ask for an 8 week exclusive on new releases they acquire killing other DVD buyers and a films true potential in the physical retail world.